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Meridian is currently considering submissions for both cover art and inserts. You may submit up to ten images at a time.

Our magazine is printed at a page size of 5 7/8″ wide by 8 7/8″ tall. We use .125″ bleeds. Artists must supply all artwork at 300 dpi resolution or higher. We typically work in an RGB color space. CMYK is usually acceptable.

Cover Art: Cover art that appears only on our front cover should measure at least 6.125″ wide and 9.125″ tall. Given 300 dpi resolution, that would mean a minimum pixel count of 1838 x 2728. Our covers are always portrait in orientation. It is possible to have cover art that runs landscape from spine to outside edge and measures 6.125″ wide (1838 pixels) but does not have enough height to run from top to bottom. We’ve used such images in the past … but find them a little awkward. An image that runs fully across the cover both horizontally and vertically is our preference. We work hard not to have our Meridian logo obscure important parts of the artwork, but cover artists should expect that our logo and issue number will appear on their artwork and look at past issues for typical layouts.

Wraparound Covers: Wraparound covers are usually our preference, but they are more difficult to measure in advance because we usually don’t know our spine width until quite late. However, a spine of .3″ is typical. This means a wraparound image needs to be at least 12.55″ wide and 9.12″ tall (3765 pixels wide x 2728 pixels tall). Having more available width is always good in case of a thick issue. We encourage artists NOT to submit artwork with elements that must fall exactly at edges or folds or other locations that will limit our flexibility at final layout.

Interior Art: Interior artwork typically only needs to bleed on the top, bottom, and outside edges, so 6″ wide x 9.125″ tall (1800 x 2738) is usually adequate. Landscape artwork is typically displayed on our portrait pages, and should be 6″ wide or 1800 pixels.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.